Presentation (English)


(19TH September 2015)

One of the challenges of our time is to establish collaboration and cooperation links among people, groups and institutions. In our case, it is a request which has to do with the opportunity to create common goals regarding a shared passion: cactaceae and succulents. In this respect, and emphasising the richness that specialists, gardeners, nursery owners and enthusiasts attribute to this plant group, we believe that we must not miss the chance to benefit –in terms of expertise and learning– from every personal knowledge and vital experience.
Thus, we believe it is appropriate to encourage multilateral partnerships which also help disseminate knowledge about these plant species, so unknown but with a great potential. The 1st MARIMURTRA Conference, in collaboration with ASAC (Associació d’Amics dels Cactus i Altres Suculentes) hopes to fulfil this wish. This is a project that we undertake with a lot of enthusiasm, and hoping that it will be enriching and fruitful enough to ensure its continuity. We shall hold a series of talks for the general public and some more specialised lectures open to everyone interested and curious about this plant group.
Finally, we believe it is essential to honour the career and experience both vital and professional of those who have contributed to upraise this plant group; an acknowledgement of the work done, but above all of the path set which remains open. The transfer of knowledge, following the initial idea of richness, becomes unavoidable. With this goal in mind, we have created the MARIMURTRA Award.