Programme (English)

• 10:00. Welcome and presentation. Ramón M. Masalles.
• 10:15. Main genera of cacti and succulents for outdoor gardens in coastal areas. Pere Fraga Arguimbau.
• 11:00. Coffee break.
• 11:30. Caudiciforms: main genera and species. Handling. Xavi Duch.
• 12:15. Adenium: main species and best known cultivars, introduction to hybridization and most important aspects of its cultivation. Andreu Del Campo.
• 13:00. Introduction to Cycads. Geographic distribution of main genera and practical aspects of their cultivation. Ivan Soto.
• 13:00 to 18:00. Exhibition of Caudiciforms, in collaboration with Floranova, a nursery specialising in cacti and succulents located in Malgrat de Mar.
• 14:00 to 16:00. Lunch at Marimurtra.
• 16:00 to 18:00. Guided tour of the Garden
– Ivan Soto, gardener, responsible for the collection of Cycads, will show the new collection of the garden and the new species breeding at the nursery.
– Josep M. Riba and Ventura Torroella will explain the different treatment methods carried out against the agave weevil and its results at Marimurtra.
– Xavier Argimon, taxonomist of the Carl Faust Foundation, will show the specimens of Caudiciforms at Marimurtra such as Beaucarnea stricta, Calibanus hookeri or Pachypodium lamerei.